“The purpose of the association shall be to cultivate friendship among its members, and in each way to create pure and elevating sentiments, to perform such deeds and to mold such opinions as will tend to elevate and ennoble womanhood in the world.”

National History

Virginia, Juliette, Calva, Louise, & Mary

Among the students in the fall term of 1901 at the State Female Normal School (now Longwood University) in Farmville, VA were five women who have become very good friends. Attractive, vivacious, and intelligent, each woman had been extended invitations to membership from the school’s existing sororities. However, if they each had accepted those invitations, it would mean that our Founders would not be sorority sisters.

If the school could have three sororities, then why not four? On November 15, 1901, a new sorority was organized and named Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Chapter History

Theta Zeta Founders

Before there was an Alpha Sigma Alpha-Theta Zeta, we were known as Theta Zeta Psi. After being on IUPUI’s campus as a local chapter for some years, the members reached out to many national organizations.

In 2007, that sorority was invited to go national through Alpha Sigma Alpha and soon became a colony. In April of 2008 the colony was officially Installed and became, by coincidence, the Theta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Theta Zeta is the second oldest chapter at IUPUI.